(Minced beef, slice cheese, fried egg & chips)
(Chicken breast marinated with peri peri sauce & cooked in clay oven)


(Chorizo, baby prawns, peri peri chicken & mushrooms)
(Tomato, sauce, olives & cheese)

Lamb rack marinated with fresh mint and ginger garlic, garam masala. Grill until brown color. Served with potato,salad and chutney.
(Onion, mushroom, pepper, sweet corn, olives & cheese)

Roll/ Wrap

(Hot and spicy chicken tikka wrapped in naan with salad & salsa mint sauce)
(Sour lamb tikka wrapped in naan with salad & salsa mint sauce)

(Minced lamb kebab wrapped in naan with salad & salsa mint sauce)
(Trio tikka wrap in naan with salad & salsa mint)


(Chinese seasoning with salt, pepper & soya sauce wrapped with fillo pastry)
(Minced prawn seasoned with salt & pepper, spread on deep fried toast)

(Deep fried battered chicken meat served with freshly fried potatoes)
(Deep fried scampi seasoned with pepper & served with freshly deep fried potatoes)

(Iceberg lettuce, cucumber & croutons caesar dressing with grated parmesan cheese)

(Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, croutons caesar dressing with grated parmesan cheese & grilled chicken)
(Iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red radish & green chilli with balsamic dressing)

Indian Thali

(Dal fry, mix vegetable, aloo palak, papadam, rice, baby naan & pickel)
(Lamb curry, butter chicken, dal fry, mix vegetables, papadam, rice, baby naan & pickle)

(Seafood curry, lamb/chicken masala, dal fry,mix vegetable, papadam, rice, baby naan & pickel)

To Start

A choice of bite-sized pieces of chicken or lamb marinated with Chef special spices, roasted with onion, tomatoes and green peppers.
Half a spring chicken delicately spiced, marinated and slowly cooked in the tandoor, giving it that distinctive char-grilled flavour.

A choice of bite-sized pieces of chicken or lamb marinated with yoghurt & Tandoori lightly spiced.Grilled in a charcoal clay oven
Rack of lamb marinated overnight with tandoori spice. Presented with saffron sauce and Seasonal vegetable.

King prawns marinated in chef’s own special marinade and grilled in the tandoor.
A medley of lamb tikka, chicken tikka, King Prawn, Galuti kewab, and tandoori chicken.

Tandoori home- smoked salmon marinates with chef special spices and flavoured with mustard and dill

To share

Full Tandoori Chicken (4 pieces)
Seekh Kabab (4 pieces)
Lamb Chop (4 pieces)
Chicken Tikka (6 pieces)
Malai Tikka (6 pieces)
Bangkok King Prawn (6 pieces)
Vetnami Hot Chilli Fish (6 pieces)
Fish Mongolian (6 pieces)

Fried Sea Bass (2 whole)
Bangkok King Prawns (6 pieces)
Tandoori King Prawns (6 pieces)
Tandoori Salmon (6 pieces)
Chinese Garlic Squid (8 pieces)
Amritsari Fish (8 pieces)
Vetmani Hot Chilli Fish (8 pieces)
Fish Mongolian (6 pieces)

Sea Food Chamber

Medium spice
(King Prawn tossed in an aromatic thai sauce with garlic, fresh coriander & green chilli)

(The perfect tandoori choice for the fish connoisseur - King prawn marinated in tandoori masala)

(Scottish salmon richly marinated in olive oil, ginger, garlic and individually selected Indian herbs, our chef speciality.......not to be missed)
(Deep fried fish strips with liberal flavour of ajwain spice - a north Indian delicacy & a must try)

(Seasoned with chinese spices & garlic)
(Green chilli with ginger & soya sauce)

(King Prawn marinated with yogurt, mastern salt & lemon juiced)
(Seafood marinated with yogurt, mustard salt & lemon juiced)

Signature Dishes

(Prepared with pickled onions, potatoes & kashmiri chilli paste)

medium hot
(Tender lamb cooked with ground black pepper & cognac - favourite with connoisseur)

Medium hot
(A flavoursome authentic dish made with mature rich herbs and spices)

Medium hot
(Original Indian Dish from the street's of Delhi. Cooked with ginger, garlic & fresh lemon - zesty and spicy flavoured dish)

Medium hot
(Duck cooked with Indinasion spices & served with rice)

Medium hot
(Cooked on rich creamy goan rich sauce)

Medium hot
(An exotic special pan fried dish, with freshly diced tomato, tamarind and fennel seeds)

Medium hot
(An authentic Malaysian recipe with rich coconut dressing)

(Fresh chicken fillet stuffed with spinach & homemade cottage.

(This authentic thai curry is cooked in thai green sauce, lemongrass & coconut milk)

(This authentic thai curry is cooked in thai red sauce, lemongrass & coconut milk)

(Cooked in sweet and sour tangy sauce)

Classic Indian Main Course

(Rich marinated of spice in yogurt with black & green cardamom, fennel seeds, ginger, garlic paste & green chillies cooked in fragrant basmati rice)
(Succulent and incredibly flavorsome, mixed in capsicum & delicately selected spices)

(This succulent lamb stew is made using aromatic spices & a zest of yogurt)
(An aromatic butter based tomato and cream sauces, fused with rich spices, ginger, garlic, onion, tomato and masala sauce, finished with fresh coriander)

(A host of spices in a strong tarka, with abundant capsicums & onions, simmered in a cast iron karahi {Indian wok})

(A rich condensed sauce with plenty of ginger, garlic & tomato juice)

(Lashing of onions are added to the medium spiced thick sauce to create a very savory dish tempered by a hint of herbal aromatics, garnished with fried onions and tomatoes)

(Sumptuously creamy for the milder palate. A delicious medium thick gravy with a distinctive coriander and cumin flavour)

(Lentils cooked gently with turmeric in a luscious gravy perfected with a seasoning of freshly fried garlic, cumin and blazed with spices)

Vegetarian Dish

(This dish combines fresh spinach & cottage cheese. It is absolutely wonderful with basmati rice/naan)
(Okra famously known as 'lady finger', cooked with onions, peppers & mild blend of pungent spices)

(Chichpeas in a spicy but fairly dry sauce with sour citrus flavour)
(Potatoes & cauliflower fused with onions, ginger paste & indian spices)

(Roasted eggplant sauteed in spices creating a full bodied tantalizing grauy)
(Potatoes slow coohed with a fusion of green peppers in a savoury sauce, high in texture & pleasant spiciness)

Bits on the Side

(Indonesian fried rice with prawn, egg & chicken)